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I am  a writer without roots. Born and raised in apartheid South Africa, I've lived in Wales, New Zealand, England, Greece and Scotland. Now I'm back in Wales, the land of my fathers. My working past is just as colourful: I've been a journalist, a bureaucrat, a university tutor, a bookseller, and a proof-reader.

This unsettled and chaotic life has its drawbacks. The only place I can honestly call home is the seat in front of my computer. But it also has its advantages: giving me a rich seam of experiences to mine—an invaluable resource for any writer.

I've been described as a 'writerly heptathlete,' and since this is the only kind of athlete I'll ever be, my aim is to write at least one book in each of the most common genres. To this end, I've now produced three crime novels, a self-deprecating travelogue, a trio of children's books, and a somewhat suspenseful romance.






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The Wrong Shade of Yellow - A Travelogue

Available on Amazon for $2.99/£1.99

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The Incorruptible - A Deadly Summer in Greece

"If you write anything about this, you will not

leave Greece alive..."

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